The American Society of Civil Engineers, founded in 1852, is a not-for-profit
professional society incorporated in the state of New York.

Society Purpose

The purposes for which the Society is incorporated are educational, scientific, literary, and charitable, including but not limited to:

  1. The advancement of the science of engineering to enhance the welfare of humanity;

  2. The furtherance of education in the science of engineering by, among other things, the publication of scientific and technical papers, books, and other works and the conduct of conferences and other forums relating to the field;

  3. The maintenance of the highest standards of excellence in the educational fields relating to the science; and

  4. The exercise of such powers as permitted by law to organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Society Objectives

The objective of the Society is the advancement of the science and profession of engineering to enhance the welfare of humanity.

Society Vision

The Society's vision is of engineers as global leaders building a better quality of life.

Society Mission

To provide essential value to our members, their careers, our partners, and the public through:

  • Developing leadership

  • Advancing technology

  • Advocating lifelong learning and

  • Promoting the profession

Society Goals

The Society's mission will be actualized through focus on these goals:

  • Develop Leadership to broaden our members' perspectives and to enhance their career growth;

  • Advance Technology to enhance quality, knowledge, competitiveness, and environmental stewardship;

  • Advocate Lifelong Learning to aid our members' continued growth throughout their careers; and

  • Promote the Profession throughout society to enhance its stature and to influence public policy.